IFME? Alphabet Soup Part 1.

How many times did you hear the term “IFME” at ICDC? If you counted – you would have figured 23 times and you probably wondered each time what the heck it was. I wondered the same until I began thinking about running for State Office and then I figured I should look into it.

Essentially, IFME or the Illinois Foundation for Marketing Education is an organization lead by working professionals who believe in the power of business & career education. They are a huge supporter of Illinois DECA as they organize many events and fund scholarships.

I had the honor of attending an IFME meeting this year and here’s what it looks like. A dozen or so working professionals sitting around a conference table brainstorming ways to help fund activities for Illinois DECA and organizing events for you!

If you’ve ever gone to the White Sox game or the Bulls Marketing Seminar – that was sponsored by IFME! The scholarships given out at ILCDC? That was also the generosity of IFME! Check out all the other great things they do to support you and me at Illinois DECA thrives because of their support and encouragement. So, next time you hear IFME – listen, appreciate, and applaud all they do to enhance your DECA experience!

– Alifya Valiji