Blazers, and Dress Pants, and Shoes… Oh My!!!

First impressions can be tough. Everything on competition day has to be just right. You’re already worried about making sure your handshake is perfect, your flip book is in the right order, your posters didn’t get squished on the bus, and trying to think of every possible detail you could have forgotten; you shouldn’t have to worry about what you’re wearing. So, how do you decide what to wear to a competition? Once you’ve decided, how do you avoid becoming depressed by the price tag? We learned a lot from trying to find coordinating outfits for an entire weekend, and we want to help you avoid the frustration and sore feet we had to endure. Here are some helpful hints we learned along the way.

Embrace the sales racks
Yes, the outfit on display in the front window is maybe the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, but it also costs about a month’s worth of paycheck. That one price tag is the same as about three different ones in the back of the store. You never know what you’ll find! And those bargain prices will allow you to save some cash and buy some killer accessories.

Less is More
Fellas, we know bright colors are “in” right now, but not in front of a judge. Neon pinks, greens, and even blindingly bright blues are not appropriate for a role play, or any other event! Other shades of blue, white, and even red look sharp under the blazer. Whatever color you choose, be sure too add a tie that complements your look.

Keep it Simple
Ladies, the rule “less is more” applies to you too. Bulky necklaces, shiny bangles, and hanging earrings are perfect for dinner or dancing, but should be left in the room during competition time. Don’t wear things that will distract the judges from your great ideas. The focus should be on you, not on what you’re wearing. Try simple studs like pearls or gems. Avoid bulky statement pieces and opt for something more simple.

All Grown Up
Stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Wet Seal and amazing for everyday shopping trips! However, it can be a real challenge trying to find a dress thats DECA worthy there. You don’t want to wear anything short, low cut, or too tight. Yes, it’s all super cute, but for us girls who are on the taller side, it’s time to add some new stores to your shopping list. Try some stores like Dress Barn, The Limited, and Ann Taylor. Remember, when you’re shopping there, embrace the sales! They can be pricy so check in with sale racks, online offers, and check for coupons! It’s worth it for that killer first impression. After all, we are the business leaders of the future.


Remember, you only have one chance to make a great first impression! With your incredible sense of style, all you’ll have left to worry about is a firm handshake and to remember to wait until you’re asked to be seated. No big deal right?