Competitive Events

Perhaps the most important facet of DECA is a members involvement in competition. The competitive nature of DECA allows its members to develop skills in marketing, finance, hospitality, and business management.

With that being said, it is vital for all members to practice for cluster exams, economics exams, role plays, and any other part of the competition that they will encounter.  To help you with your journey through the area, state, and international levels of competition, here are a list of the best resources to use while you're studying!

National DECA

The best resource for studying is the national DECA website which contains sample exams and role plays; even for the new entrepreneurship event!

What are you waiting for?... Start Studying!

DECA Role Plays

For new and returning members alike, this website – created by Dhru Patel – is the quintessential guide to perfecting your role plays at any level

The only way to get glass at ICDC is to practice!