Tiffany Leung

Tiffany Leung, a senior from Downers Grove South High School, is beyond excited to serve Illinois DECA on the State Action Team! Even before starting high school, Tiffany always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When the time came for her to choose the activities she wanted to be a part of as a freshman, she found out about DECA and automatically knew that the organization was for her. Four years later, Tiffany still carries the same enthusiasm for DECA she had when she attended her first chapter’s meeting.

Tiffany is grateful to have been in DECA for her full four years of high school and could not imagine what her high school experience would have been like without the organization. Tiffany qualified for ICDC in her individual series event her sophomore year, declaring that week as one of her favorite high school memories. Networking with passionate DECA members from around the world, eating world famous barbeque, and exploring the city of Atlanta with her chapter made that trip one that she will remember forever.

DECA has truly helped Tiffany develop into a leader she is proud of. Tiffany has had the honor and privilege of serving as her chapter’s President for the past two years and says that there is nothing more exciting to her than helping her chapter’s members discover their potential and achieve their goals. Tiffany attests DECA for her growth in self-confidence and passion for all things business. Being elected to serve Illinois DECA this year is an opportunity that Tiffany is extremely thankful for. It has been her goal since she was a freshman to serve as a state officer.

Since her freshman year, Tiffany has never had a lunch period in her packed schedule but is always searching for new opportunities to grow as a student and person. Tiffany enjoys being a part of her school district’s symphonic orchestra as a pianist and cellist and also has the pleasure of serving as her school’s orchestra President. Music, alongside business, has always been a passion of Tiffany’s. When she is not working on DECA projects or practicing music, Tiffany tries to catch up on her favorite TV shows like Modern Family, The Office, Project Runway, and of course, Shark Tank.

Tiffany has always valued her family more than anything else. She is absolutely thankful for her mother and father’s continuous support and her entire family’s enthusiasm for all her endeavors. She always enjoys spending time with them and also visiting her family members who reside all over the globe.

Tiffany hopes to make this year incredible for all Illinois DECA members. DECA is the organization that has made the biggest impact on her four years of high school and Tiffany could not be more grateful for the opportunity to serve as an Illinois DECA state officer. Tiffany knows that DECA has molded her into the person she is today and she’d like to help all Illinois DECA members be the person they set out to be.