Luccas Borges

Luccas Borges was born in São Paulo, Brazil, but he lived in Malaysia for seven years before moving to Florida. After living there for 7 years, he moved to Chicago in the summer of 2013, as a sophomore at Lincoln Park High School. He has been fortunate enough to travel extensively with family in Asia, Brazil, parts of Europe, and America. Lincoln Park High School is the 7th school he has attended, and these experiences have fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of the global aspect of the world and its cultures. It has also helped him relate to and understand the perspectives of the variety of cultures he interacts with, while giving him a special perspective that helps him approach problems creatively and effectively. Although English is his first language, he speaks Spanish well, and Portuguese fluently, with his family.

At the beginning of his sophomore year, he and his friend started two CTSOs, DECA and FBLA, at their school, and proceeded to lead the chapters at the school level. Since then, he’s been to several competitions, winning first place at the regional and state level, as well as at ICDC.

He served as an Illinois DECA State Officer from 2014-2015 as well, and spoke to legislators across Illinois on behalf of DECA. He has represented Illinois DECA twice at the ICCCTSO conference, where the leaders of all student organizations of Illinois were present. He has traveled to Springfield to speak with legislators at the Capitol and plans to continue doing so this year.

Luccas also co-founded a non-profit organization called the Chess Institute of Chicago that seeks to pair high school chess players with underprivileged youth. He has tackled major projects, such as the Sidewalks for Safety initiative he started in Florida that involved working with the local and state government to request Sidewalks in the community. After attending several meetings of the county commissioners and meeting with Senator Fasano, he was able to get the sidewalks installed at a cost of $850,000. He volunteers extensively, especially with autistic kids and with the best buddies organization.

He also conducted research with a professor from Claremont McKenna College, and wrote a paper about economics that got published in an academic journal. He hopes to study economics in college and believes that most technological advancements have been directly related to, or led to the development of a business. His ultimate goal is to be a part of the leadership of a successful business that will develop new technologies and contribute to the advancement of the international community: A business that will end up improving society.

As a state officer, he hopes to be able to enhance the DECA experience for members around the state and work with members around Illinois.