Written Events

The Written Part of the Written Event…

So I am in a written event. What do I do?

Written events are a great chance to get the experience of creating a marketing plan. These written events may be a lot of work, but they truly give you a first-hand look into the business environment. Below is an example of a manual and how to attack each part. You may find that some of the parts of each manual require you to write about similar things.

Let’s take a look at a sample event’s guidelines to guide us through the process. Below is an outline provided on the guidelines for how your written event should be structured.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Promotional Plan


Title Page

The title page is the first thing that the judges see, so make sure that it gives a good first impression. Make sure you have your company’s logo as well as the following below it.


Name of DECA chapter

Name of high school

School address City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code

Name of participant


It is critical that these are on the title page. Make sure you have them or you will lose points.

Table of Contents

The table of contents should include each of the Roman numeral sections as well as the page numbers. You should also list the pages of each subsection.

Make sure that you do not start numbering your pages from the title page. Start numbering your pages on the executive summary page. They will deduct 5 points automatically if you number the pages incorrectly.

Executive Summary

Every written event begins with an executive summary. What is an executive summary you ask? It is an overview of everything that you will be attacking in your manual. Everything (except for the bibliography and appendix) that is shown above should be shortened to fit into a one page summary. Make sure that everything makes sense and is easy to follow.

Description of the company or organization

This is just a summary that includes the history of the company. Who founded it? What are the current promotional activities? What is their budget for marketing? For this specific event, you can describe your target market in this section, as it leads into your promotional activities. Other events will have a specific section that will only be target market. If your event has something like that, make sure you include that information in that section. For this section, if you are able to get an interview with the owner, it will add value to your manual, as you are able to cite certain facts or statistics and become credible.


What is your entire campaign or plan aimed at accomplishing? These objectives should be one to two sentences and should be specific. Here is an example of a good and a bad objective.

Bad: Increase season customers for the Bears.

Good: Increase season ticket holders by 10% between August and November.

Schedule of Events:

This is where all of the meat of the written event is at. Here you will describe everything that you are doing in order to fulfill your objective. Different written events will have this section with different requirements. For this event, your promotional activity for this event has 5 sections which are laid out for you.

  1. Special Events: What certain events will you do in order to fulfill your objectives? Will you have a theme night or something similar to it?
  2. Advertising: How will you advertise in order to fulfill your objectives? Remember that there are different types of advertising:
  3. Newspaper
  4. Magazine
  5. Radio
  6. Television
  7. Directories
  8. Outdoor and transit
  9. Direct mail, catalogues, and leaflets
  10. Online

(https://www.business.qld.gov.au/business/running/marketing/advertising/advertising-types )

  1. Display: How will you change or alter your display your signage, your souvenirs, facility décor, or anything else in order to fulfill your objectives?
  2. Publicity: This is very important when it comes to promoting a product or service. You want your company to be seen as involved in their community. What will you do that will both fulfill your objective and will show your company as reaching out in your community? Will you make a donation to a charity or will you sponsor events? These will all be publicized through press releases. What is a press release you ask?

A press release is a brief written summary or update, alerting the local media about your group’s news and activities. (http://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/participation/promoting-interest/press-releases/main)

Responsibility Sheet

This should list the responsibilities of each of the following offices:



-Assistant Managers

-Sales Associates

Each of the activities which you have planned should be divided up between the four levels and should be manageable for those you have assigned them to.


What is your budget for your entire promotional plan? Make sure you research how much certain events or advertising costs. Make sure it is within the budget the business has. One tip is to write this budget in a table format. List the activity on one side and the cost on the other side. Make sure you state whether it is annually or monthly.


You need to show where you have gotten your information from. This bibliography does not have to be very long, but make sure that any statistics or information you found online is cited here. It is suggested to have between 3-6 sites cited. Make sure they are in the right format. Website URLs are not professional enough.


The appendix is optional. If you happen to have room, meaning that you have not used all eleven pages yet, you can add an appendix. This appendix can include interview with an owner or with a worker, sample surveys or questionnaires, etc.

If you happen to fill all 11 pages you should have 13 pages total. The title page, the table of contents page, and all 11 pages of the document going from the Executive Summary to the Bibliography of Appendix. 

Not all written events are structured like this one is. All of the events, however have the executive summary, description of the company, objectives, budget, bibliography, and appendix. It is the body of the written event that changes per every event.