The 30 Day #ILCDC Countdown Has Begun!

Wow, look how quickly the time has passed! In exactly one month we will all be having the time of our lives at ILCDC 2015. This one month countdown may be a reminder to start working on your presentations for your written events, or it may encourage you to start looking over those cluster and economics tests. In one month you will be introduced to new experiences that you will never forget. Not only will you make connections with members as passionate as you, you will also be able to display your DECA talents on a whole new level.

DECA pic 1 DECA pic 2

In one month you will be one step closer to ICDC in Orlando, Florida. In one month you will be able to celebrate your accomplishments while having fun with your friends at the DECA dance or while singing karaoke. You have come so far. As long as you keep working hard and having fun doing it along the way, you will enjoy your time not only at ILCDC, but also at ICDC. Illinois DECA members are you ready to get connected, get involved, and get competitive at #ILCDC? Let the countdown begin!