The Presentation Part of the “Written Event”

It seems like every year we leave the presentation part of the event till the very end. We practice till 3am Thursday night before competition begins on Friday to perfect the presentation, however this year, we want you to be participating in karaoke and having a good time Thursday night. So, here are a few tips that’ll make your presentation stand out based on what you’re using.

1. PowerPoints

Use them, they’re fabulous!..if you use them right.. Here’s a quick video that explains the best way to use your PowerPoint presentation.

Seriously, watch this video. It’ll help even if you’re not just doing PowerPoints.

  • Use a clicker! It’s uncomfortable clicking the next key on your laptop yourself.
  • If you use a clicker, memorize the order of your slides. It’s impressive and you may not always have the laptop in visible view.
  • Summarize. Information keeps coming to the judge and he/she never gets a chance to get the full overview with a PowerPoint unless you give it to them.
  • Also, PowerPoint > Prezi

2. Boards

If you’re going to use boards, think about IF they are really needed. They are great if you’re showing a layout of a restaurant, or enlarging a graph that has important information. We recommend using boards as supplements, not the only source of information.

  • Avoid making your own hand-crafted board with construction paper. It’s just not professional. Try Staples or Office Depot?
  • Use the right sized boards! Follow guidelines – don’t lose points for silly things.
  • Be prepared to walk in with a plan on who is going to flip them, who is going to point at them, and who is going to set up the board. Starting your presentation like a hot mess is not the best idea. Practice with your board.
  • Give yourself TIME to make the board. A last minute rushed trifold will look just like that, last minute and rushed.

3.  Flip Books 

These are great if you have a difficult time memorizing when to click for the next slide or remembering what to say.

  • Make a PowerPoint and print out the slides. Put these slides in your flip book.
  • Use the backside to write notes to help you hit all the key points in your presentation.

4. Handing the Judge Stuff

If you hand the judge stuff, make sure it is labeled well and it flows with your presentation. Too many times members simply hand something to the judge without giving them enough time to even glance at it. Let them flip through, THEN move on to your next point.

5. Chemistry. 

If you have a partner, make sure you practice not only what you’re going to say and divide up slides, but HOW you’re going to say it. When will you nod and smile, when will you stare the judge down, when will you point to the board while your partner speaks? Don’t leave these decisions till Thursday night..

And of course, remember to smile and thank the judge!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to me at